If you spill something on a garment (i.e. ink, lipstick, etc.), do not put any other items on the garment to try to remove the original stain or “keep it from setting.” Doing this can create a garment with a dual stain, thereby making the original stain harder to remove. The best thing to do is to bring the stained garment to Comet as soon as possible and point out the stains to the counter personnel.

Never spray cologne, perfume, or any items that contain alcohol on garments. The alcohol will react to the dry cleaning process and could possibly damage the color of the garment.

When dropping-off orders with us, please count the number of garments you are dropping off and we will be happy to make a note of the number of garments on your claim ticket. As well, customers are encouraged to check and count the number of garments when picking up their order. This is to ensure that you did receive all of your items, that you are happy with the condition of your garments before leaving, and it saves you a trip back if there is a problem.


If spots and stains are promptly and properly treated they can usually be cleaned without damage to the garment. Our dry cleaners have special equipment and stain removers to remove most of the toughest stains. However, if in an emergency, you can remove small, fresh stains from your washable items by home methods. We offer this guide to help you do so.


  • Always check first for colorfastness.
  • Apply the recommended stain remover to a hidden part of the fabric. Rinse out and let dry. If there is no damage, then proceed.
  • Read and follow all manufacturers’ instructions.
  • If you’re unsure, check with us before proceeding and always let us know what you have tried if you bring it in for further cleaning.

Ball-Point Ink

Using cleaning fluid, place stain face down on clean white paper towels. Apply cleaning fluid to back of stain. Replace paper towels under the stain frequently. Dry thoroughly. Heavy concentrations of this stain should be brought to us.


Blot with cold water. Apply an enzyme detergent. Rinse with water. If the stain is still present, apply household ammonia. Rinse thoroughly with water.


Harden with an ice cube. Gently lift off any large pieces. Do not scrape with sharp objects that may damage the fabric. Wet with cleaning fluid over a clean white towel to remove final traces.


Fabrics, which are badly mildewed, may be damaged beyond repair. If it is safe for the fabric, use chlorine bleach. Rinse thoroughly. Rinse with a small amount of white cider vinegar and another rinse and launder.

Nail Polish

Use colorless nail polish remover. Place face down on clean white paper towels. Apply nail polish remover. Replace power towels under stain frequently. Repeat until stain in removed. Never use on acetate or triacetate fibers.


Blot with cold water. If the stain is not removed, apply liquid synthetic detergent (from your kitchen). Rinse with water. If stain persists, apply white vinegar. Rinse with water.


Use a fabric safe rust remover following manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Rinse rust remover completely out. It is best to bring this type of stain directly to us.


Using cleaning fluid, place stain face down on clean white paper towels. Apply cleaning fluid to back of stain. Replace paper towels frequently. Dry thoroughly. If stain is still visible, use a synthetic detergent and water.


Blot with cold water. Apply an enzyme detergent. Rinse with water. If the stain persists, apply household ammonia. Rinse thoroughly.

Perspiration Stain

Use method shown for chocolate.

Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverages

When fresh, blot these stains with cold water; even white wine and colorless drinks. Heat can cause colorless stains to yellow even weeks later. Spot with synthetic detergent and water. Rinse with water. If the stain persists, spot with white vinegar. Rinse with water. Finally, try chlorine bleach or organic bleach, if safe for fabric (test first for color fastness).

Color Fading

Occasionally, dyes are not colorfast to the procedures listed in the care instructions. Articles labeled as “dry cleanable” will sometimes contain dyes that bleed extensively when dry-cleaned. ep colors may transfer onto lighter areas. The same is true for some articles that are labeled a “washable”.

Most Stains

Are water-soluble and required special spotting techniques using moisture that are not part of normal dry-cleaning. The degree of stain removal will often be determined by the colorfastness of the dye. Sometimes, a dye is initially disturbed by the moisture of the staining substance and will not withstand the additional moisture needed to remove the stain. The stain cannot be removed without serious color failure.


Such as soft drinks, wine, and mixed drinks contain sugars. A spill may be colorless and disappear when it dries, but later the sugar may cause yellow or brown stains, especially when exposed to heat. Be sure to point out such stains so that the dry cleaner can use special pre-treatments on the stain prior to dry-cleaning. Sugar-based beverage stains cannot always be completely removed, especially on silk.

Chemical Damage

Some dyes bleed or change color when exposed to solutions containing alcohol. Allow perfume, deodorant, and hair spray to dry before you dress, and remove spills from alcoholic beverages as soon as possible. Some dyes, especially blues, purples and greens, are sensitive to alkali’s. Many facial soaps, shampoos, detergents, and even toothpastes are alkaline enough to cause color loss or change. If this happens, talk to us promptly about possible restoration. Many bright colors used on fabrics can fade from exposure to sunlight or artificial light. Store garments in closets away from any light, such as windows or electric lights that are left on.


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